Meet Ellen Gerber and Pearl Berlin. They met through mutual friends in 1964. They committed to spending their lives together on June 2, 1966. They tied the knot last year in Maine. But they are legal strangers in their state of North Carolina, where they’re the lead plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the state ban on marriage equality.

They’re also so cute my heart is crying.

"We’re still in love, after 48 years," Gerber, better known as Lennie, said recently. "We still can’t begin the day without a good cuddle."

"They can see that in us, that being gay or lesbian is just the same as being straight," Gerber said. "You just love somebody of your own sex. Otherwise, there’s no difference. … We want to be recognized for what we are — a married couple."

This is their story, and it’s a damn beautiful one.

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15 Happy Things!

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  1. I am getting through a reeeally hard work day and then it’ll be over!
  2. Playing Harvest Moon 3DS is a lot of fun & relaxing
  3. Lots of great things are happening for several loved ones in the near future!
  4. My family are getting along quite well at the moment
  5. I am finally getting a hair cut + colour change on Saturday 
  6. Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out in like 2.5 months yeahh
  7. I have enough money to buy any fruit or vegetable if I really want it
  8. Elaborate parfaits
  9. Cats and all pets exist and are great
  10. Water is good
  11. I am going to make elaborate Malaysian goat curry + roti from scratch on Sunday
  12. Friends are cool and great
  13. I have an exciting future ahead with possibilities galore! 
  14. I have a lot of love in my life :)
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What are your 15 happy things?


looking at Dragon Age Inquisition characters like


—Animal Crossing Theme (Music Box Version)


Animal Crossing Theme (Music Box Version)

This is a music box edit of the Animal Crossing Wild World and I believe City Folk’s main title screen’s theme. In all of the Animal Crossing games, this will always be my favorite tune.

download / youtube

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Considering making a Storium RPG game based in the DA:I universe…. let me know if you might like to join as a player :0

haha I look like the Persona 5 protagonist…